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A company is only as good as the people in it. And talent acquisition & retention has become a strategic role inside organizations like yours. More than just recruitment, talent acquisition & retention is an ongoing strategy that focuses on long-term resources planning, to find the right people for the role.

There have been continuous changes to our landscape – from the rise of the “gig economy”, to the COVID pandemic, to our changing economic conditions. One constant remains: finding and retaining the best candidate and your top talent is difficult. That’s where we come in. From top-tier talent acquisition services, strategy, recruiting, onboarding, and more … we add more talent to your team.

We have the expertise you need

  • Talent Acquisition Strategy: Identifying the long-term HR strategy to meet your businesses needs as it scales and securing top talent that best align with those needs. 
  • Compensation Analysis: Understanding and analyzing how your employees are compensated in relation to one another, or compared to other companies in your industry, to define a formal pay structure that guides while hiring or adjusting pay.
  • Job Profile Development: Creating clearly defined job descriptions that outline the responsibilities and requirements of the different roles within your organization; including how those roles interact with each other.
  • Recruiting, Sourcing & Screening: Promoting opportunities inside of your organization, sourcing talent to include resume/application review, passive candidate searching, and conducting screening interviews.
  • Candidate Assessment:  Recommending candidates that meet both the job requirements and company culture and providing a detailed assessment of their potential fit in the organization.
  • Offer Management: Drafting offers of employment that detail compensation, benefits, and other considerations as needed, and negotiating the final details with prospective employees.
  • Onboarding: Integrating new employees into your company, ensuring the corporate culture has been understood and internalized, and making sure they have access to the tools and information they need to be successful.
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Paul Cox
Founder, Magic Medical Solutions

How to Increase Marketing’s Contribution to Qualified Pipeline in 4 Easy Steps

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We work with you – filling in the gaps – no matter the industry and helping youalign strategy and tactics. Because we think that with the right mix of brand awareness, great messaging, stellar demand generation, quality leads and a pipeline, make it easy to close a deal.

Of course, your organization’s needs are unique – you may need a new CRM solution or need to reexamine your unique selling proposition. Or perhaps it’s a website redesign or email marketing campaign.

We come in with a set of fresh eyes to look objectively what you have in place, and then will develop a plan to get you where you need to be. Nothing more, nothing less.

Marketing & Communications

From building brands and crafting messages to creating compelling content that draws people in and triggers action to designing digital media that stands out in both form and function…we’ve got the team for you.

Sales & Sales Operations

From building a defined sales process that aligns with your strategy, strengths, and value proposition to helping equip your sales teams with processes and expertise that open doors and close deals…we’ve got the team for you.

Customer Relations

From helping you choose the right customer relationship management solution to content systems and processes to training your staff and recommending the best practices for future growth…we’ve got the team for you.

The Empirical Approach


Empirical’s creative and thoughtful approach to sourcing candidates has provided us with great hiring decisions time after time.”

Manufacturing Industry

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