Digital marketing discussion with the Empirical team – what is digital marketing?

Marketing webinar

If you ask a group of marketing professionals for a definition of “digital marketing”, you’re likely to get a variety of answers. It is such a broad category of marketing, and there are just so many different ways to interpret the phrase.

However, there are some key elements to what this specialized – and incredibly important – part of marketing is all about.

Watch this short discussion to learn more about this topic from our team and hear about how Empirical looks at digital marketing. This is Part 1 of a special series of marketing discussions with four marketing & sales professionals from the Empirical team: Bill Morrow, Managing Partner (Sales/Marketing) Laurel Cavalluzzo, Marketing Partner; Marketing Michelle Cheney, Marketing Director; and Marketing Kelley Nelson, Director of Digital Marketing.

You’ll hear from each of these marketing team members as they share their thoughts on the definition of digital marketing, and importantly what digital marketing means to companies today.

Look for more short videos from this group in the coming weeks!