Your Ultimate Guide to Captivating, Must-Hear Podcasts To Ignite Your Imagination

Looking for podcast recommendations?

Welcome to the Empirical team’s curated selection of podcasts, handpicked to enrich your learning journey (and in many cases to also entertain!).

In a world where information is abundant yet time is finite, our team has embraced podcasts as an efficient way to obtain a wealth of knowledge. As busy professionals and avid learners, we admit to enjoying these audio narratives – which cover a range of diverse topics – during commutes, workouts, or any chance we get to listen and learn.

Some of these podcasts truly serve as invaluable tools from a business perspective. Others explore history, science, human interest, popular culture, and other areas.

Whatever your preferred genre or topic, we are confident that you’ll find a podcast (or two, or more!) in our list of recommended podcasts that will inform you, inspire you, and teach you new perspectives.

We’ve had fun as a team sharing our favorite podcasts; we hope you enjoy our compilation!

Freakonomics Radio is a thought-provoking podcast that delves into a wide range of topics. Hosted by Stephen Dubner, the show takes an innovative approach to economics, blending it with psychology, sociology, and a touch of humor to dissect complete issues.  If you’re a curious thinker, Freakonomics Radio provides an engaging and accessible exploration of the hidden forces that shape our world.
– Bill Morrow

Business Breakdowns features interviews that get to the fascinating stories and inner workings of a selected company, whether a well-known brand such as Visa or Federal Express or a lesser-known name. The segments include details on a company’s business model, differentiators, and the “secret sauce” – plus include takeaways for business owners and operators that transcend industries (perhaps may favorite part of the segments.
The Markets (Goldman Sachs) offers up Friday podcasts that give quick (under 10 minutes each) and focused overviews of the key influences moving markets.
[And as an aside, if anyone is looking for a great podcast focused on gymnastics, figure skating, or the equestrian disciplines, please reach out to me!]
– Laurel Cavalluzzo

I am a fan of any YouTube video that features the teachings of Abraham Hicks (Ester Hicks).  Based on the laws of attraction, the teachings of Abraham Hicks provide insight into how to overcome challenges and self-limiting beliefs, raise your vibration, and manifest the things you want in life. The unintended consequence is a more positive, more compassionate way of seeing yourself and the world around you.
The Weekly Energy Boost is a seven-day forecast of each week’s unique energy and spiritual essence.  The podcast provides insights and tools to help you navigate the coming week’s opportunities and challenges. And while it’s based on the principles and teaching of Kabbalah, it’s appropriate to everyone regardless of your personal beliefs.
– Michelle Cheney

It’s a brief five episodes: The Kids of Rutherford County, and it covers a county in Tennessee who, for 20+ years, arrested children at a rate of 10x the rest of the state. It’s insightful into the trend of policing and imprisonment of younger and younger kids.
– Greg Mays

I’m not listening to many podcasts at the moment but I have been very interested in following the Harry’s Farm channel on YouTube. Harry is a UK farmer and he goes in to depth on lesser-known topics that affect farmers. He covers topics that include the Ukraine War, grain price volatility, government policy not accounting for farmers having to plan 2 to 3 years in advance, and many other subjects.
– Simon Dukes

I recommend The AI Breakdown by Nathaniel Whittmore for those who share my interest in keeping up with AI news!
– Ajay Joshi

My recommended podcast is Wiser Than Me, where the hilarious Julia Louis-Dreyfus interviews accomplished older women.
– Howard Seibel

I just started a new series of podcasts on private equity firms called Our Favorite Private Equity Podcasts (
– Jonathan Peters

I have been listening to the Huberman Lab, an engaging and thought-provoking podcast that breaks down the brain/body connection and shares actionable knowledge and a practical sense of how everyday behaviors affect us. Dr. Huberman, a neuroscientist and Stanford professor, explores the science behind a wide range of topics – from sleep, goal setting, endurance, risk-taking, brain fog, music, and much more.
– Erin Dalton

While working from home, I’ve found these podcasts to be awesome companions: Ryen Russillo Podcast for sports and culture discussions, Stratechery for tech and strategy insights, and The Watch for the latest in pop culture.
– Nilay Patel

It’s hard for me to pick a single podcast because I like so many … but one I’d recommend is The Rest is History. Hosted by two English historians, this podcast covers diverse topics like Roman Sex Scandals, the birth of British Fascism, and Sixties Fashion: The Teenage Revolution … all through the lens of today. These are never boring, and are always educational and guaranteed to be witty!
– Penni Barton

Maybe I am not your average person as I don’t listen to Podcasts. I do, however, love listening to Ted Talks – which I highly recommend – and please send any compelling ones my way!
– Laurie Beasley

We hope you enjoy our team’s recommendations! We invite you (perhaps ask you is more like it!) to reach out to us with the podcasts you enjoy – our team is always looking to expand our list. Happy listening!