Empirical’s Panel Discussion: Leverage Analytics for Business Growth

Are you tapping into analytics to shape the direction of your strategy and activities to drive future growth?

Our upcoming webinar that will tackle this subject with a panel of fantastic speakers: Jonathan PetersJeffrey StelloAjay Joshi, and Shubho Chatterjee.   Register to RSVP your spot here!

Our panel will discuss how managing data and analytics has become more critical in our world of rapidly changing technology and competition. Importantly, our speakers will share how to ensure important metrics are tracked, and how to strategically act upon this data.

Watch this short video as Ajay Joshi shares more about why this is a “can’t miss” panel discussion:

And Jonathan Peters also provides a short overview what will take place during the panel discussion:

The bottom line is that many companies do not successfully tap into the power of KPIs (key performance indicators) or other analytics. But a secret of successful businesses is ensuring important metrics are tracked, and actions are taken as needed to right the course of an organization.

Managing data and analytics in 2024 has become more critical than ever before. Technology and competition are moving fast in every industry and without a good foundation in your business intelligence, you’ll fall behind.

This panel brings together successful business leaders from myriad industries and positions who will share their insights, successes, and lessons learned when it comes to the analytics and KPIs you should consider when building your strategic plan. We will explore the seamless integration of analytics and intelligence strategies to empower businesses and drive success. Our panelists will share their expertise and practical insights, offering attendees a roadmap to harness the full potential of data-driven decision-making.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain actionable insights and discover how the synergy between business analytics and intelligence can propel your business forward in today’s dynamic market.

We’ll discuss:

• The importance of analytics in the world today
• The absolute “must-have” KPIs for every business
• How to best manage analytics and align them
• How to develop the best KPIs for your business
• Once you’ve developed the KPIs, what to do with them
• How to pivot to new analytics and KPIs

Register here for a 40-minute collaborative discussion where you will also have an opportunity to ask questions of our panel.