Known For:

Social Media Marketing

Business Writing


Copywriting & Editing

Erin Dalton

Associate, Marketing

Erin creates content that gets noticed and connects B2B and B2C organizations to their target audiences.

Erin employs her tactical writing and editing skills to drive traffic to websites, increase visibility and engagement on social media channels, and help businesses tell their brand story in a way that truly resonates with customers.

Extensive expertise in:

  • Social media content curation and post writing
  • SEO-optimized blogs
  • Research and fact checking
  • AP and style guide

Erin has been honing her marketing and communications skills for over two decades. As a writer, editor, and social media marketer, she manages strategic communications projects for select businesses and entrepreneurs. She developed her business writing skills and her command of brand strategy during her tenure in the Office of University Communications at Cornell University.

Her passion for good grammar and unwavering commitment to getting the facts right stems from her role as Research Editor at Philadelphia Magazine. Erin earned a BA in English from Loyola University in Maryland and a Certificate in Editing from ACES: The Society for Editing.