Known For:

Creative design solutions with consistent branding

Graphic production excellence

Timely turn-around

Lorraine Ortner-Blake

Associate, Marketing

Lorraine brings more than 20 years’ experience designing materials to support marketing strategies and clear communication. She also brings a lifetime of creativity.

She works with marketing specialists to build strong branding and develop effective design.

Extensive expertise in:

  • Brand and logo creation, from concept through file production
  • Illustration: infographics, digital, hand-drawn works, and painting
  • All things print: ads, one-sheets, books, trade show booths, billboards
  • Supporting visual communications for digital media

Lorraine has designed for many companies and organizations, including international corporations, non-profit and state agencies, manufacturers, political groups, and more.

She holds a BS in Art Education from UW-Madison, and is a graduate of Madison College with a degree in Graphic Design.