Meredith Inman

Known For:

Branding and brand development

Innovative infographics

Effective sales collateral and presentations

Results-driven advertising

Event planning & marketing

Meredith Inman

Associate, Marketing

Meredith’s focus is on developing and delivering strategic yet creative communications that deliver results.

She finds design solutions with a creative approach, and importantly creates compelling visuals and messaging to tell a brand’s story and elicit an emotional connection with the target audience. She has years of successful experience crafting marketing and communications plans from the ground up.

Extensive expertise in:

  • Communications planning
  • Online content management
  • Targeted digital and video marketing
  • Product packaging

She has expertise across a wide range of industries, from food & beverage to pharmaceuticals and healthcare, from education and non-profit to retail and real estate. Earlier in her career, Meredith worked at Baylor Scott & White Health with a focus on internal fundraising, strategic communications, and graphic design. Since that time, she has worked for many well-known companies, both small and large, providing creative direction and brand execution.

Meredith earned a Bachelor of Science in Advertising & Public Relations from Texas Christian University.