Empirical Consulting Solutions and Boxplot Announce Partnership to Produce Full Cycle Dashboard

Empirical Consulting Solutions and Boxplot Announce Partnership to Produce Full Cycle Dashboard

Narberth, PA – April 20, 2021 – Empirical Consulting Solutions (ECS), a firm that solves business challenges for clients, and Boxplot, a statistical consulting firm, have announced a partnership to produce complete turnkey dashboarding solutions for businesses looking to grow and prosper.

ECS and Boxplot have joined forces to deliver a proven methodology to enable companies to become more profitable, drive sales, and increase productivity. This solution ensures business leaders have access to key data and information, and empowers small- and mid-size business leaders to make key decisions.

Chris Lee, ECS Founder and Managing Partner explains, “Until now, only large enterprise companies could tap into the most powerful strategic tools to manage data clients. But our two teams together have developed a cost-effective model to stratify a client base so businesses can understand which clients are truly profitable for a business, and which are a drain.”

Barb Donnini, President and Data Scientist at Boxplot, shares the value of this model. “By pulling together that disparate data into clean dashboarding, company leaders have more visibility than ever to identify which levers they need to pull to drive the business.”

The innovative solution integrates within most ERP or CRM systems a company already has in place.

An on-demand webinar by the partner companies details both the process and value delivered via a stratification and dashboarding approach. The process includes customizing the key drivers that are important to a business, weighting the drivers and developing the dashboard for continuous measurement, and training a team to use the analytical tool.

About ECS
Empirical Consulting Solutions (ECS) helps clients become “business ready” by delivering hands-on expertise and leadership to drive growth. The seasoned members of the ECS team have decades of corporate and leadership experience across all functional areas, including Sales, Marketing, HR, Operations, PMO, and Finance. More information: www.thinkempirical.com or 610-310-6707; follow ECS on LinkedIn.

About Boxplot
Boxplot is a data analytics consulting firm that helps organizations solve pressing business problems. The company’s analysts and data scientists are highly trained experts that consistently produce accurate and actionable insights. Boxplot enables businesses to make smarter decisions through services that include dashboards, automation, and machine learning. More information: www.boxplotanalytics.com or 267-775-1269; follow Boxplot on LinkedIn.