Experienced people to expand your team

Our team of seasoned veterans can help fill in the gaps, upskill your team, and get your business going full steam ahead, faster.

We’re not your typical consultants

Born from a desire to think, create, and act with purpose, we set out to create something special – just like you. We’re not hardwired like most consulting companies. Quite the opposite in fact. At Empirical, partnerships trump presentations. And solutions are more important than suits. Sure, we’re professional and polished, but we choose to focus our energy on upskilling your team and energizing your business.

That’s why our approach is a little different from traditional consulting groups (no rigid, status quo style from us). We work closely with your team to evaluate your needs, find the strengths to expand upon, and fill the gaps where they exist. But we don’t stop there. In fact, it’s in our DNA to do more than just offer strategy and expert advice. We help do the hard work that makes your plan a reality.

What started as a conversation about underserved mid-market businesses turned into a mission to bring great people together to upskill your team.”

Chris Lee

Managing Partner

Let's make stuff happen together