It’s the Premiere Episode of Dave’s World with ECS’s Dave Posten

Welcome to the premiere episode of Dave’s World with ECS Partner Dave Posten!

In this episode, Dave introduces this new series and shares that he will discuss topics on the mind of business owners today in our ever-changing world. In coming episodes, Dave will welcome guests and have rapid-fire discussions on a variety of topics – sales, HR, finance, marketing, project management, operations, and much more.

Dave and the ECS team know there are a tremendous amount of questions on the minds of business owners today. COVID has changed the way we do everything.  Sales teams can no longer make the face-to-face connections that they once did. Marketing leaders have turned to digital tactics fast and furious – and have had to shift their budgets to new areas since the old marketing model that was in place at the start of 2020 no longer applies.

Operations – with disruptions to the supply chain, this area has had to adapt in the last year. COVID has certainly changed the way businesses develop their budgets and forecast into the future. And project management skills require that someone be able to pivot quickly and effectively when the world around us is disrupted.

HR – wow, what changes have taken place here. Hiring processes are completely different, and remote work is now the norm instead of the exception. Even within our own team, how we have hired has dramatically changed since the start of the pandemic.

We hope you will join us to watch future episodes and share the word about Dave’s World!

More about your host, Dave Posten

Dave Posten is the host of Dave’s World. He was appointed this role as he brings a wealth of senior leadership experience from a wide range of industries to his role. Dave has a strong sales and marketing background, paired with his understanding of channel/distribution and outsource integration, logistics, finance, and HR. 

He is a former Vice President of Strategic Management with Acelity, a medical device manufacturer. He has held numerous VP roles during his career as part of companies related to the industries of healthcare, transportation and logistics, security, and finance. Dave is a graduate of Augustana College where he earned a BA in Business Management.

Dave would love to hear from you about questions you have, what’s on your mind from the pandemic, and your success stories. Reach out to him via email ( or connect with him on LinkedIn.